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Welcome to Sphynx Cove Cattery.

We are small Sphynx/Elf breeders in a homely environment.

If you are looking for a truly wonderful, good natured Companion. Look no further. Sphynx Cove will have the kitten for you.

We are breeders of Sphynx and Elf Sphynx Cats. Russian Sphynx bloodlines.

Sphynx Cove Cattery specializing in accommodation for the Sphynx cat. We do understand your and your Sphynx child’s needs. Luxurious Units with huge play areas in a Penthouse environment. Book your cat childs accommodation now if you are taking your holiday break or need to go on a business trip.

Cattery For Sphynx 1
Cattery For Sphynx 2
Cattery For Sphynx 3
Cattery For Sphynx 4

Cattery For Sphynx 5
Cattery For Sphynx 5
Cattery For Sphynx 5
Cattery For Sphynx 5

Contact Information

Address: 281 Karen street Waterkloof Glen 0181
South Africa
Phone/Whatsapp: 083 325 2644
Phone: 012 993 1111
Email: info@sphynxcove.com

About Us

Breeders Of Elf And Sphynx Kittens
Specialising in Sphynx Cat Luxurious
Boutique Accommodations while you are away on Holiday/Business

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